He Fought The Law....

Photo by  Andy Feliciotti  on  Unsplash

Photo by Andy Feliciotti on Unsplash

The Mueller Report already seems like old news, and indeed, the president has come in for further troubles with Congress and the law. This week, federal courts rejected the president’s attempt to block Deutsche Bank from complying with congressional subpoenas for Trump’s financial records and rejected another presidential bid to stop his tax returns from being released to Congress. In addition, the New York legislature has voted to authorize the release of the president’s state tax returns.

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States v. ROE V. WADE

Between Georgia’s HB 481 law (not yet in effect and liable to be at least temporarily stopped by a court), Ohio’s bill that seeks to ban private health insurance coverage of abortion, and Alabama’s bill that would criminalize all abortion, the fight for access to abortion and reproductive healthcare has heated up. These bills are misogyny and patriarchy at their finest, seeking to control the lives and health of those who aren’t cisgender men. We’re angry. Are you? Let’s get to work.

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Reparations? Oh Hell Yes!

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number of candidates seeking the Democratic presidential nomination have voiced their support for an increasingly mainstream position among Democrats: paying reparations to black Americans. Today, let’s talk about how the United States was built on the backs of slaves, how the Founding Fathers embedded the inequality of black people in the Constitution, and how the federal government built up the wealth of the white middle class during the New Deal, promoting redlining and other modes of racial segregation. Let’s talk about police killings of unarmed black people and mass incarceration. Let’s talk about reparations.

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